The Work­shop on Al­go­rithms for Learn­ing and Eco­nom­ics (WALE) brings to­gether re­searchers from academia and industrial research working in the design of algorithms for economics and machine learning. The topics include: mechanism design, auctions design, market design as well as econometrics and statistical inference in the presence of malicious or strategic behaviors. The discussion will involve both the design of novel algorithms as well as computational limitations. There is a tech­ni­cal pro­gram of in­tro­duc­tory talks given by pi­o­neers in dif­fer­ent ar­eas fol­lowed by talks by par­tic­i­pants of the work­shop. In ad­dition, there will be am­ple time for in­for­mal dis­cus­sion and col­lab­o­ra­tion.


WALE stands for Work­shop on Al­go­rithms for Learn­ing and Eco­nom­ics and is a suc­ces­sor to the GREAT work­shop or­ga­nized in past years (see GREAT11, GREAT14, GREAT17).

It will take place in the beau­ti­ful Rhodes which is one of the largest is­lands in Greece and is di­rectly ac­ces­si­ble by plane from many Eu­ro­pean air­ports.

The work­shop will last for 5 days with each day hav­ing a dif­fer­ent theme. The top­ics and daily sched­ule are listed be­low.

Sched­ule (July 21‐27, 2019)


The venue for the work­shop is the Mediter­ranean Ho­tel. It has a con­fer­ence room, where the morn­ing talks will take place. It is next to a beach and close to the medieval city of Rhodes.

The af­ter­noon ses­sions will take place in a ren­o­vated room in­side the me­dieval city that dates back to 1300s.

Confirmed Par­tic­i­pants

Alon Eden (Tel Aviv University) Amin Saberi (Stanford) Amos Fiat (Tel Aviv University) Angelina Vidali (UOA) Anindya De (UPenn) Aravindan Vijayaraghavan (Northwestern) Aviad Rubinstein (Stanford) Balasubramanian Sivan (Google) Bernhard von Stengel (LSE) Chara Podimata (Harvard) Christos Tzamos (UW Madison) Costis Daskalakis (MIT) Dimitris Fotakis (Yahoo and NTUA) Dylan Foster (MIT) Edith Elkind (Oxford) Eftychia Vakaliou (UT Austin) Elias Koutsoupias (Oxford) Eric Balkanski (Harvard) Evangelia Gergatsouli (UW Madison) Evdokia Nikolova (UT Austin) Gali Noti (Hebrew University) Gautam Kamath (Simons) Giorgos Christodoulou (Liverpool) Gregory Valiant (Stanford) Hu Fu (UBC) Inbal Talgram Cohen (Technion) Ioannis Caragiannis (UPatras) Ioannis Panageas (SUTD) Isidoros Giotis (UT Austin) Jason Hartline (Northwestern) Jon Schneider (Google) Katerina Sotiraki (MIT) Katia Papakontantinopoulou (UOA) Kevin Leyton Brown (UBC) Kira Goldner (U Washington) Lydia Zakynthinou (Northeastern) Manolis Pountourakis (UT Austin) Manolis Zampetakis (MIT) Markos Epitropou (UPenn) Matt Weinberg (Princeton) Maxim Sviridenko (Yahoo) Michal Feldman (Tel Aviv University) Mihalis Yannakakis (Columbia) Mingfei Zhao (McGill) Mohammad Mahdian (Google) Moshe Babaioff (Microsoft Research) Natalia Kotsani (NTUA) Nick Gravin (SUFE) Nika Haghtalab (Microsoft Research) Nishanth Dikkala (MIT) Ophir Friedler (Tel Aviv University) Panagiotis Mertikopoulos (CNRS) Paul Spirakis (Liverpool) Philipos Lazos (Oxford) Rachel Cummings (Georgia Tech) Rad Niazadeh (Stanford) Rahul Savani (Liverpool) Richard Cole (NYU) Rocco Servedio (Columbia) Ron Kupfer (Hebrew University) Ronitt Rubinfeld (MIT) Satyen Kale (Google) Simina Branzei (Purdue) Stratis Ioannidis (Northeastern) Stratis Skoulakis (NTUA) Talya Eden (Tel Aviv University) Taylor Lundy (UBC) Thanasis Lianeas (NTUA) Themis Gouleakis (USC) Thodoris Lykouris (Cornell) Tomer Ezra (Tel Aviv University) Vaggos Chatziafratis (Stanford) Vasilis Gkatzelis (Drexel) Vasilis Kontonis (UW Madison) Vasilis Syrganis (Microsoft Research) Vijay Vazirani (UC Irvine) Yang Cai (Yale University)


Christos Tzamos (UW Madison) and Manolis Zampetakis (MIT)